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(more like a nightmare, incredibly freaky so don't read if u don't wanna be freaked out)

i had the creepiest dream last night

so it started with the point of view being like,, in the air and not from a person's perspective. so like a movie

and at the start of it there were 2 animals, but they could speak and act like humans, a horse and a fox. they sort of got along but they also fought "playfully" a lot. it might've been more real fighting for one of them than the other

and how they fought was,, they'd sort of argue playfully and the fox would throw knives at the horse

also they were coworkers in like an office or something and they did this on their breaks

so the dream saw them fighting, and the fox threw knives at the horse but none of them hit

but then the dream switched perspective, and i was in a house in the woods, it was from my perspective now. i think my family (but i had a different family in the dream) bought the house, but then somebody was telling us tales of the surrounding area

so that person told us one tale, that happened many years ago, of how a fox and a horse were soulmates, and supposed to fall in love. but they had a habit of play fighting, arguing playfully and then actually fighting, where the fox would throw knives at the horse but never meant for them to hit. but one day one of the knives did hit the horse, it's not clear if it was on purpose or an accident, and the horse died there, and that's where the body was said to lie

and this allegedly happened in a small depression in the ground in the woods surrounding the house, but of course there was no evidence of it in the woods so most people didn't believe it

so the person telling the tales told us where it had allegedly happened, and i decided to go to that area alone

a terrible idea

i got there, and there was a fallen and mossy log going across the depression, so of course i got on the log and started going across, carefully balancing

and i was just a kid in this dream

but when i got to the middle of the log, there was something that terrified me, something sitting in a hammock-like thing, that was tied to the log

there was a horse there, eyes wide open, wider than they should be. it stared at me but didn't move, i thought it might have been dead

but then the head and neck moved slightly, to the side, and then back, and then forward, and back

i began freaking out and thought, "but you should be dead! why are you moving?!"

but the horse wasn't even supposed to be there

then i recalled that the person had said the fox had died there too, possibly because they missed the horse so much, and wanted to stay with their dearest friend

so i frantically looked around for a fox, but couldn't see any

i felt so much fear in this moment

but then the dream switched to me playing minecraft with a bunch of kids, as if my mind realized it had gone a bit too far with that nightmare and needed to give me a break. but i still felt fear even after i woke up