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/shiny hunting time/

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I quite like doing greyscale sketches. This was messing around with scratchy lineart to contrast with smooth shading.

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owl god...?

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my part of an art trade with @sidh !! her ocs are so cute, it was hard to pick one to draw! ♥


sidh -


The absolute cutest, thank you so much <3

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yenarae is the kingdom of hosceau's master entertainer, spending his days performing captivating melodies for the king's guests on his harp. as a dreamscribe, his music is said to guarantee all who listen pleasant dreams and safety from bad omens 🌷🎶

toyhouse profile updates pt 2

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what'cha thinking about?

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awepossum -

moon elf who likes flowers I guess!

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poor nemora, i never draw her

rah -

Still in that winter mood and wanted to draw some plaid? Just wanted to bust this out before my spring mood kicks in (because my allergies are already here). More practice with backgrounds! More interesting shots!

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Neeko - League Of Legends

A little Pride drawing of Neeko!

Something quick and fun because I don't have a brain today.

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was going to spend my birthday doing nothing but i ended up drawing anyways like a fool.... i couldn't resist the urge to draw my fishy son

Hello, hello! Y'all can call me Ree (as in /rei/) and I'm pretty much an OC artist who also writes sometimes. 😊 I joined here on a whim after I saw a tweet about this on Twitter soooo to kick things off, here's something I made a week ago of my OC, Calleia.

For fandoms, uhh... I'm currently into Fire Emblem (esp FE3H) and probably a ton of others too, but I only ever draw OCs these days. Oh, and DnD too, even if I don't always get the opportunity to do it anymore. ;w;

That aside, I used to be on Tumblr as naizourei but I'm currently active on Twitter as, well, naizourei. I occassionally open commissions, but art trades are only for friends and/or mutuals, and I don't do requests at all, sorry! I also do (somewhat) NSFW art sometimes on Twitter as nxxzxxrei (which is locked to keep minors out yea) so I'll probably post them here too with the right tags and warnings. I don't do them often enough to warrant a separate blog, though. 😅

I'll be crossposting stuff here from my Twitter soon!

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heeeeeeeeeere's Kit! (they/them)

1-1-2020 was Scarlet's 1st Birthday

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13th July 2019

Alright, back to artfight

Talon/T'alynn, belonging to decimaa @ tumblr

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6th July 2019

Amalia, belonging to jayjemart @ tumblr

and now i've got further with posting art here than instagram

1st July 2019

Alright we've reached the artfight 2019 part of my archive.

We're... getting there.............

This is Berryl, belonging to Ace-Of-Shadow @ dA.

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reimi -

Just a little Reimi doodle I did for my dailyreimi blog a little bit ago

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sketch/WIPs dump

(top left to right) poison gym/trainersona concept sketches using drapion as inspo, jasvin/niles fluff, tried my hand at designing nereza a wedding dress, nereza in my animal crossing pocket camp villager's current outfit, mid to late game dani having a think TM

A simple headshot of Phi from back in November! She's definitely my favourite ZE character.