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did 4 pages of flowers and leaves between these two attempts. think they helped :)

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Candy H Lymidia, The Demon of Venereal Disease for a webtoon/long format comic im putting together :)

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Lochlady Dress Penny

Drawn for Penny's Super Mario Odyssey streams.

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Meet vanilla (cant find a good name for her yet)

She's a lone newby ghost hunter 👻👻

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deerleap, 02.11.19

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I made this header to use for my Twitter and other places that you can upload a header! It's a stylized honeycomb.

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The Great Fighter, Lia!

Doodle test of my friends DnD character: Lia Skullflower!

All in all, it took about 3+ hours to complete this in Clip Studio Paint but I still think I should be able to do better. :/

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a probably unfinished fictional/ac world me :+) why do i make all my art so small.... it's an accident u.u

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Commission from discord!

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i love 2 paint!

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my laptop's out for repair and i have limited cc on this older one, so i created a sim and decided to draw her :D her name's idris!!

kael -

sweet hydrangea child who loves the rain

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24th September 2018

my first test for taking thin lines and coloured lines seriously

honestly this change was wild and while i didn't keep every aspect of this style, i kept a fair bit (and the brush settings >:3)

someone i used to talk to's steven universe oc (so not my character)

wanted to quick try out a lineless style

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Some fruit flavored Fashion Illustration

They're lesbians, Harold!

Here's a test post featuring one of my most popular LoZ fanarts from Tumblr- Urbosa & Zelda's mother, who I affectionately named Zinnia. Yes, I'm aware Zelda is a familial name. Yes, I'm aware the queen would have been named Zelda. No, I don't care- don't tag this as Zelbosa or I'll come for your knees.