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more coloring practice featuring my girl usa ;o;

Buds on the lilac bush.

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The sky is super pretty this morning

commission for a twitter client!! ♥


Daffodils at my grandma's.

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Here is my very cool Earth Elemental character, Zinkala, AKA Zinny. She's a surfer, time jumper, and an all-around hooligan and badass. Her dreadlocks unfurl into vines and flowers which is a pain to draw, but it always has a very cool effect.

Her freckles allow her to photosynthesis, her blood basically grows new plants and is green, and she can talk with plants.

She's very cool and I love her.

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some stuff from inktober 2019

Some doodles I posted on insta earlier today

Just a weird girl who went to college but spends more time hanging out with her boyfriends then actually studying

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another valentines ych for a twitter client! ♥


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basin -


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art trade with a twitter mutual! ♥


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Getting all gussied up, twin style.

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a commission for a friend AND introduction to some characters featured in aerandir and farraige’s world- jen (white hair) and runa (brown hair)

they live together at an elf camp belonging to runa and her people


I thought that Jhudora should come after Illusen! 😄

a birthday gift for one of my twitter mutuals!! ♥

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Fanart of A from Tomorrow Will Be Dying :)

Y'all should really check it out, its got a playable demo and a kickstarter (5 days left on it)!