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if somebody were to read my mind at any given moment all they would find is:

1. thoughts abt my girlfriend

2. thinking abt how much i love my gf

3. wishing i had chocolate

*rapidly shakes my hot chocolate to the beat of a lemon demon song*

earl grey is my new tea obsession

as soon as i move to PEI for school in september (if there is still school) and drink starbucks every day it is OVER for my bank account

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corky -

what's y'alls fav ice cream flavour n topping? mines cookies n cream w potato chips :^)

tiddywife -

i love bubble gum!!!! also cherry is so good,, and i also like any with nuts or chocolate,, all ice cream is so good 😅

and for topping,,, all gummies and all chocolates and sprinkles and everything,,, but especially gummies!!!

:3c got hiccups, time to drink vinegar 😔

:3c locked jaw culture is needing to slowly crack open ur jaw for a few seconds before taking each bite of food

Eat Spaghetti and fall in love

ravioli -

or don't, Bastard

it's 2020

:3c i swear to Sappho i must've eaten a whole box of clementines within the last few days

:3c might mess around and burn some fries bc i am craving some CRONCH and that's the only chance at crunchy food i can get

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breaks into your home with glue and a paintbrush and unslices your bread

:3c me eating food with dipping sauce, alone, with nobody in sight: i cannot double dip bc that's rude and would make other ppl uncomfortable

:3c expired food stuff

:3c why does my mom insist on keeping all food that is expired

:3c i really wanted to have a jam and peanut butter sandwich and the only jam we have is a homemade blueberry jam

:3c but it looks identical to the jam we had a few weeks ago that had mold on top, except this one had less in it

:3c so i'm wondering now if my mom just took the mold off the top and left the jam in there. i've told her how mold works but she just still has no concept of food going bad

:3c and my tongue was tingling while eating it and now i feel a bit nauseous

:3c some new wf discourse for y'all: how do u eat your pancakes?

:3c i personally prefer to eat mine plain or with just brown sugar on top, or syrup if i'm eating in a restaurant!