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(more like a nightmare, incredibly freaky so don't read if u don't wanna be freaked out)

i had the creepiest dream last night

so it started with the point of view being like,, in the air and not from a person's perspective. so like a movie

and at the start of it there were 2 animals, but they could speak and act like humans, a horse and a fox. they sort of got along but they also fought "playfully" a lot. it might've been more real fighting for one of them than the other

and how they fought was,, they'd sort of argue playfully and the fox would throw knives at the horse

also they were coworkers in like an office or something and they did this on their breaks

so the dream saw them fighting, and the fox threw knives at the horse but none of them hit

but then the dream switched perspective, and i was in a house in the woods, it was from my perspective now. i think my family (but i had a different family in the dream) bought the house, but then somebody was telling us tales of the surrounding area

so that person told us one tale, that happened many years ago, of how a fox and a horse were soulmates, and supposed to fall in love. but they had a habit of play fighting, arguing playfully and then actually fighting, where the fox would throw knives at the horse but never meant for them to hit. but one day one of the knives did hit the horse, it's not clear if it was on purpose or an accident, and the horse died there, and that's where the body was said to lie

and this allegedly happened in a small depression in the ground in the woods surrounding the house, but of course there was no evidence of it in the woods so most people didn't believe it

so the person telling the tales told us where it had allegedly happened, and i decided to go to that area alone

a terrible idea

i got there, and there was a fallen and mossy log going across the depression, so of course i got on the log and started going across, carefully balancing

and i was just a kid in this dream

but when i got to the middle of the log, there was something that terrified me, something sitting in a hammock-like thing, that was tied to the log

there was a horse there, eyes wide open, wider than they should be. it stared at me but didn't move, i thought it might have been dead

but then the head and neck moved slightly, to the side, and then back, and then forward, and back

i began freaking out and thought, "but you should be dead! why are you moving?!"

but the horse wasn't even supposed to be there

then i recalled that the person had said the fox had died there too, possibly because they missed the horse so much, and wanted to stay with their dearest friend

so i frantically looked around for a fox, but couldn't see any

i felt so much fear in this moment

but then the dream switched to me playing minecraft with a bunch of kids, as if my mind realized it had gone a bit too far with that nightmare and needed to give me a break. but i still felt fear even after i woke up

:3c had a dream that started in a mall in a store kind of like bath and body works (but i think it was all natural stuff??) and then later i was outside in a hedge garden and the time was set like a century or so ago

:3c i was the daughter of some sort of rich family and i was engaged to a dude. so the dude and i were in the garden together but there was also an older lady there who had some sort of authority over me, maybe a tutor or something

:3c and we were talking about the marriage and the dude was being so condescending. he was like "and i suppose i'll have to buy you another hat for the marriage bc you just love collecting them" and other stuff in a condescending tone. personally i was excited for the marriage just for the fun of it, not really for being married to this guy, but i made no complaint bc it was just my duty

:3c and i didn't complain to him abt his complaining bc i was a good noble young woman, and followed the directions of my tutor and my parents. but my tutor(?) was telling him not to be so negative abt it

:3c and i was just thinking like,, dude,, i didn't ask to get betrothed to you either so don't go complaining to me

:3c also this whole conversation might have been sung, but the memory is a little fuzzy so

:3c oh!! but then i was sitting in my room (my irl room) with my mom and the person i'm currently crushing on and we were talking and h. they,,, i love the them

:3c oh yeah and!! when i was in the alternate universe bath and body works, there was a zombie apocalypse going on! and this mall might've been a series of very large bunkers. also i kept spilling the bottles in the store by accident and pretended it wasn't me

i had a dream that my ex girlfriend and i were attending a christian summer camp (or boarding school? who knows!) and we were roommates. which was fine by me, i like her as a person! but i think it was a little awkward for her. we also had another roommate i think who was a dude

but the thing is, i was dracula's daughter, and she was some other magical being, maybe a wizard? which we had to hide from everyone else, especially the nuns. if they knew i was a vampire they would try to slay me

the reason i was at that camp was bc my dearest dad, dracula, wanted me to spy on the nuns and church there, because there were some vampire things he wanted to steal back from them

so while i was attending this summer camp, and attending the classes about christianity and attending the church ceremonies, i started to get closer to my ex girlfriend. it was nice. we were also assigned to the same bed so it's good we got along xD

then one day, i flew into the church's attic as a bat and started investigating it. the nuns never let us go in there, so dracula wanted to know if they were hiding anything. all i found were some big paintings covering each wall, with a bunch of characters on each of them. dracula suspected that some of them might actually be vampires who were cursed into the paintings. so i started whispering to each one, stuff like, "ancient vampire, you may awaken now" and i was using my magic so if any of them really were vampires, they would be able to speak back

but then i heard a nun coming and i quickly turned into a bat and flew out the window, but the nun saw my bat form (it just looked like a regular bat but seeing a bat there made them a little suspicious)

so then the nuns suspected that one of the students was secretly a vampire, but they didn't know which. they highly suspected me, for reasons i don't know, and they tried to catch me in the act of turning into a bat and turning back into my "human" form, but they never did

so after that i was a lot more cautious about turning into my bat form. i did my best to avoid it. i'm not sure if my ex girlfriend knew that i was a vampire before coming to the camp, and i don't think i knew she was a wizard, but when we got to the camp we could probably sense the magic in each other (our relationship had just been online, so it would make sense that we didn't know until now). so the fact that we were the only 2 magical beings in this whole camp helped to bring us closer together

then one day i was bored. i wanted to cause mischief but also didn't want to get caught. so i told my ex about this and she had a great idea (or awful, depending on your morals). we could use our magic to each possess a magical creature and wreak havok

so i somehow possessed a koopaling??? and when she came back she had possessed a giant crystal dragon (called a crystal dragon, but that just means the scales were very shiny and iridescent) that was bigger than a house. a lot more than i was expecting, but i was very impressed by her

and then i woke up!

oh yeah i remember another dream i had once that i had started to write a story for (this one wasn't sad just very strange)

so in the dream i had a mother and an aunt, but they weren't anyone i know irl. and in this dream i was a little kid again (this dream happened when i was about 12, but in the dream i must've been about 6)

one day my aunt and i were home alone (not sure if it was her house or my in-dream mother's house). and i went outside and saw something, so i brought my aunt outside as well. and there was some sort of ufo thing in the sky that abducted us

i don't remember the ufo ride (the dream skipped over it i think) but then suddenly we were on a foreign planet. it was kind of like how i'd picture mars to be (probably was mars). but we were inside a big dome-like house, and there were circus performers there. the performers greeted us and showed us around, i specifically remember they had a kitchen full of big glass food dispensers that my aunt and i were really impressed with

and then we just started living there, without caring that we had been abducted (in the story i was writing based on this i had decided this would be bc of fumes in the air that made us not care about our home planet)

so we became close friends with the performers, and eventually my aunt got married to one of the performers (but i didn't learn that until later)

but after a while, my aunt started to distrust the performers. and when she was talking to me, she revealed that she now distrusted them and wanted to try to get back to our home planet, and she revealed that her marriage (which i didn't know about until now) wasn't really working out

so her doubts started making me wonder if the performers were really as cool as they seemed. but like the next day, or within a few days, my aunt disappeared. i'm assuming the performers got rid of her bc they didn't want her to make me distrust them

but somehow, the performers made me forget about my aunt, or at least not care that she had disappeared

and then that's when i actually got to see the circus itself. once they had made sure i blindly trusted them, and wouldn't try to leave, they brought me into their circus dome the next time they performed, and introduced me (to the audience of aliens watching) as a new member of the circus

i don't remember the circus acts well but i know it had acrobatics and stuff like that, and i think acrobatics was what they taught me to do

i am still very intrigued by this dream, and i might write something based on it in the future. maybe a children's novel

i had originally been writing it as diary of the little girl who got abducted. and i had planned that, she would take the diary with her and keep writing in it, which the performers would probably secretly read, therefore finding out about the aunt's mistrust. but then once the girl blindly trusts them, her next diary entry would act as if the diary has no previous writing in it, bc the performers had torn the pages out and had basically wiped her memory of anything relating to her home planet

so basically, it's a horror story but from a child's innocent perspective. a child would probably find it to be interesting, while ppl who are older might find it terrifying. i had this dream about 6 years ago but i still really want to write about it (in the diary format i was originally doing it in)

ok so

i've never watched a single movie with tony stark in it but, a few years ago i had a dream that i only vaguely remember and at the time i wrote it in a google docs. and just now i found the google docs again and i forgot how hilarious this dream was

so i had a dream that tony stark was my adopted dad. it was great and he had all kinds of secret labs and stuff. he had some secret places underneath the school too where i would go whenever i needed a break. the rooms would change to suit my needs, like the walls could change into different colours and textures and doors could appear to different rooms (one of which was a simulation room for video games cough cough). but then my principal (who was a different guy from my principal irl) started to catch on to what i was doing. he managed to sneak in to the secret passageways underneath the school while i was going it and he was like "aha! i knew u and tony had some secret technology!" and i was like "no no what are you talking about?" and using my mind i told the place to get rid of all its doors and close off the hallways to the more important places. and i managed to get rid of the guy but he knew what he saw so he announced on facebook or something that tony stark was doing a bunch of top secret tech stuff and that he (the principal) would get to the bottom of it and expose all the cool shit tony was doing. so i try to ignore him and just go about my regular classes. but this dude just won't give up. he creates this laser thing that he says can detect underground rooms and scan them and he puts it right outside the school and sits in it but im trying to convince him not to do it. im like "dude. there's nothing down there. you're just making a fool out of yourself" but he won't listen. so i sabotage the thing without him knowing and it breaks. he's upset but not giving up yet. so i go back to classes and at the end of the day i go to tony stark's house bc i live there since he adopted me. he welcomes me back home and i tell him about the wild shit the principal's trying to pull and he's like "oof. don't worry i'll figure it out." and then i chill with his wife and eat some food and then go hang out alone in my room. their house was huge btw. so then i'm alone, tony's out doing something, idk where his wife is. and this little shit of a principal comes into my room and is acting like he's the boss around here and demands i tell him about tony's top secret technology. but i'm not giving any of it to him, and i climb out the window. but turns out the window i climbed out of led to an identical room. so the dude starts trying to climb through the window all the while demanding i tell him about it bc he's the principal. so i climb out the other window in that room and it leads outside. i ran to one of the outside entrances to the secret tunnels underneath tony's house and hide out in there. i find tony in a lab and im like "dude, this guy won't give up. what are we gonna do?" and he's like "ah i'll figure it out." so then some other events happen, i try to foil the principal's plans to find out tony stark. but after a while, when he's at his own house, i go there and start digging in his yard. and the dirt is kinda sandy? and multicoloured? i don't even know why im digging there but i am, with just my bare hands. and like in a few minutes i've got a 10 feet deep hole, 10 feet wide and long. then the principal comes outside and he's like "what are you doing?" and im like "oh im just digging a hole so i can make u a secret tunnel" and he starts getting emotional like "that's,,,,, all i've ever wanted" and he's crying now and i just kinda,,, ignore it. and he goes back inside. then tony comes by in some flying machine and he's like "get in, we're moving" so i get in and then we never saw the principal again.

oh my god i almost forgot to write about the dream i had last night

so i don't remember most of what the dream was about, but it was basically like real life except i know i lived somewhere on my own or maybe in a college/uni dorm or something, and none of my family was in the dream at all

for most of the dream i was doing stuff that i don't remember well, but i was doing stuff with other people while being a bit distant from them. i was a part of the community but i was like the one people don't really know but they know of, and i wasn't close to most or all of them. i clearly remember parts of the dream taking place on powwow grounds tho, but i don't think there was a powwow going on we just all gathered there for whatever reason

there was this one large and long building that i would climb into the vents of, and then climb through and out the vents on the other side of the building. i did it because i think there were a few buildings that surrounded some sort of court, so i had to walk all the way around them to get to where i wanted to go. i didn't want to walk that far, so every time i passed by i decided to be gay do crime and climb through the vents (which was quite often)

i didn't know of anybody else who climbed through the vents, im pretty sure it was only me who did it

so one day when i was climbing through the vents, i got caught by some feral scientist old man while i was partway through. i don't remember exactly how he caught me but i think he probably heard or noticed that something much larger than a rat was moving through the vents every now and then, and then when he decided to try and catch whatever it was, he probably waited until he detected it in a certain part of the vent and then maybe used some sort of machine to take down that part of the vent

and thus, i fell right into the feral scientist's lair

so he was kinda angry about it, and said that i was no longer allowed to leave this building. i think it was probably because he was doing illegal evil(?) scientist stuff in there, and didn't want anyone to suspect it. so i was like. ok. guess i live in this building now

and so he gave me my own room in his scientist lair, and after that he was never angry with me again. we were both chill with each other. not quite friends but co-existing

so i was staying there, in this big cement building, pretty much living in a prison with no windows now but it didn't feel like it to me. i had my own free room, the scientist gave me all the food i needed, i had my own bathroom, and every day i hung out with the scientist in his lair and he showed me and taught me about everything he was doing. and would sometimes use me as a guinea pig to see the effects of potions, which i didn't mind at all. im not sure what his motives were for testing and building all this science-y stuff. maybe he was evil, maybe he wasn't, but it was a good time all in all

i was sort of an apprentice now, he taught me lots of stuff, but i was also like a lab rat. and i liked it. it was peaceful, i didn't need to worry about anything in the outside world, i had all that i needed to survive, and i got to chill every day with a grey-haired feral scientist who taught me lots of cool stuff

then when i woke up i was sad, i wanted to go back to living in a feral scientist's lair and not needing to worry about anything else

period mention

had a dream that i woke up with a period so bad that it somehow ripped my underwear??? and then after i changed clothes i met up with one of my besties and her sister and we were talking and standing on the sidewalk (but we don't have any sidewalks around here) and then i ended up going to a classroom to see a movie with the classmates i had before i graduated (including my bestie) and then i shared icecream with my bestie and my childhood bully

last night i had a really fun dream and there was some kind of school in it that i don't even know how to explain but there was math and apparently in this dream world i was amazing at math and idk i think there was something to do with frogs in my dream

and the school was painted green all over and there were so many windows, the outer walls were literally like 90% window

im freaking out (in a good way) i just remembered what happened in my dream oh my god

so in the dream i was at the ballfield and there were a bunch of picnic tables there and i was sitting at one with some friends. at the picnic table beside us there was that lesbian i already dreamed about once, sitting with her friends

so i was talking to my friends for a while and the other lesbian was talking to her friends at the other table, but then that lesbian got up and walked up to me, and said some cheesy pickup line i don't remember. i didn't know how to respond bc i was so surprised, and it was the first time anyone had ever flirted with me irl, but i did say something. then she ran back to her friend and they exchanged words and then she came back with another pickup line that i didn't know how to properly respond to, and she said a few more. i was really clueless as to what to do but i decided i'd give her my number

then some other stuff happened but it wasn't as cool, just a very strange scavenger hunt in a hardware store. not as cool as getting hit on by a cute lesbian

so i had a dream that i was sleeping over at some place with a bunch of ppl and some of my friends were there, some strangers, and also 2 of my previous classmates?? it was the lesbian girl i mentioned who i loaned my creeper sweater to, and she was with one of her close friends

so we were all sitting on the same big bed the 3 of us, and 2 of my close friends were sitting there too. and that gay girl only knows me as a boy bc i presented as a trans boy while i went to school with her. but in this dream she now knew that im a lesbian

so we were all chatting and i was looking at one of my friends, but i saw out of the corner of my eye that the gay girl was just staring at me for a while, like in a gay way. so i turned my head and looked right into her eyes and smiled questioningly, i think she awkwardly smiled too or something and we exchanged words. and her friend was looking at her like she knew exactly what was going down

and then we all kept talking but even when i wasn't talking she stared at me, and i did look at her for it once more and she looked awkward. she's always been an anxious and quiet person even irl

then when it was time for everybody to sleep one of my friends went to go find another bed and the gay girl's friend went to find another bed, so it was just her, one of my friends, and i. the gay girl asked me if i wanted to share a blanket and i said yes of course. so we slept beside each other under the same blanket

then in the morning we got up and went outside where there were like sprinklers and a thin woods of trees. this part is really foggy in my memory but i know the gay girl and i got really physically close, im not sure if we held hands or not but we were close. and i know at some points in the dream i blushed a lot, like when she kept staring at me. i don't remember if she blushed

now i just wish this kind of gay stuff would happen to me irl 😩

had a dream that i was a wizard and the reserve school that i went to was a wizard school instead and all my previous classmates were there even the ones from the white school

so basically i missed my first class bc i had misplaced my wand and i searched for it in some secret wizard-only underground (one of the entrances to it was secretly in or under a food truck, it was pretty cool) but couldn't find it. and my teacher was like quit fooling around and come to class. and ig i didn't want to tell them that i lost my wand although irl i would've. so i skipped class to keep looking and couldn't find it in my bedroom or house either. then i remembered that i had been fighting some monster the last time i apparently saved my home village (the fight didn't happen in the dream but the memories of it were there?) and i suddenly knew where the wand was bc after i defeated that monster i just left the wand there (scatter brained butch much?)

so i retrieved my wand but didn't want to go back to class. so i found some balloons and enchanted them to be able to lift me but just enough to keep me in the air. i was basically on my back while floating like 8 meters high in the air, one of the balloons i had attached to my legs and one to my back. i was in the ballfield here in my home reserve just floating around for the fun of it and there was some small event going on there so there were food trucks and some families (non-wizard and non-native). i would float side to side and back and forth and there were some little kids pointing at me and watching in awe. i was probably being a bad role model bc now they would want to attempt it too but anyway

there was one guy in particular who seemed to be the dad of a little girl, well this dad just looked so tired like his kid had been tiring him out or something. and he just looked at me with tired eyes and said with a very tired voice, "Do you need a ladder."

it was so funny bc he seemed uncaring about the really really strange thing going on but he cared enough to ask if i needed help

i don't remember if i ignored him or said i was fine but i kept floating for a while. then the enchantment on the balloons started to fade and i began floating downwards. the kids were all really excited that i was coming down and probably would've swarmed me if i hadn't flown up and out of there right quick with my magic

so i flew over above the school and did a spell to float down through the solid roof of the gymnasium, where my current class was taking place. and my classmates were unfazed by it bc they were used to these shenanigans (from me or just in general, idk). and the teacher wasn't there at the moment but my classmates were all doing stretches so i immediately stripped right then and there until i was just wearing a sports bra and shorts, and i threw my clothes to the side of the room. then i started doing stretches with them and i think that's where the dream ended

oh yeah and the reason i skipped the first class bc i didn't have my wand was bc it was a spell casting class. not all classes required wands but that one did. and we were doing the spell casting class right in the ballfield bc it had more room so idk how secretive the wizardry was in my dream

had a dream that i was at some faire in a really tall building, and on each floor there were either amusements or just an empty floor, but i didn't have time to see the other floors before the place closed and all the amusements just disappeared. but anyway, i was having fun but i kept drooling and i couldn't make it stop. i constantly tried to wipe it on my jean jacket, on the collar then on the cuffs when that was soaked, but i just couldn't get rid of it. it was a little embarrassing but nobody really cared other than me

then i woke up and my face was FULL of drool, so that solves that mystery