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x3 -

aha 👉👈

Secret Santa gift from an exchange on Discord!

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The miniatures of the day are : a red coffee table, a tiny cat-shaped foam latte art in a white cup, light pink lilies in a pot, and a white and wooden hourglass

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little treats

Toggle with pigtails that I drew during that test stream ^^

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Moooore classwork, though probably the last for now. This was part of a set (and originally animated), but here's the only part I was particularly happy with.

[C][+Speedpaint] Carmela

🌸 Crayon Chibi for PYXIlS ᵔᴥᵔ


Do not trace, use, edit or heavily reference my artwork
Do not repost my art unless you have my permission, or you're the commissioner

matching icons for me and my partner

Moon jellyfish

Love moon jellyfish. Super cute. Decided to make this one a bit experimental. I just really like jellyfish. Little squishy friends

Another lineless commission!! What a cutie uwu

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My gymsona ✨ I had this like, 90% done for forever and decided to just finish it lol

kunaipaint -

Look how cute my girlfriend is!!

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Plesiosauria, often shortened to plesio, are a family of large marine reptiles found on the borders of the unexplored territories.

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year of the mouse!

tiny! big love!

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Skatter Girl - DTIYS

An old draw this in your style we did! c:

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flower beetle

I haven’t drawn Sonata in a bit, and I need to give her more love. I just wanted to draw her in a really cute outfit.

Inktober Day 7: Enchanted

Me remembering Nexo Nights exists and remembering the clown that made me like clowns so much in the first place

Modern day reformations for my Sapphire and Pearl! I love them a lot and I think they're super cute!

Commissions are open!

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platonic, romantic, i shall leave it up to your interpretation~

some traditional stuff!!

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thor voice/ ANOTHER ONE

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summer 2018

MerMay commission, this time of a jellyfish mermaid!