friend of the grummles!

19, they/them or fae/faer, lesbian. pls do not follow this blog if u are a minor

my tags

about me!

- my name changes now and then, sometimes i don't even know what to use,,, but currently u can call me: nina, wife, bimbo, or really anything you want

- im lesbian,,, also asexual and demiromantic!!

- possibly 2spirit (yes im native), genderqueer, they/them or fae/faer pronouns

- i am queer and i prefer to say "the queer community" rather than lgbtq+ or whatever acronym because queer feels more welcoming and open to me, but if you don't feel comfortable identifying as queer that's ok!

- 19 years old

- im autistic, have OCD (it was treated tho so it's better now), and another disorder that i'm trying to figure out (i'm thinking either bipolar disorder or bpd)

- im mi'kmaq!

- my 3 main passions are crocheting, gardening, and baking!!

- my favourite band is The Regrettes!! i also really love Tegan and Sara!!!

- feel free to message me, or however that works on here!

will update this page whenever i feel the need to, or when something changes

last edited: 13 March 2020